Having a profession on building things allows you to create a portfolio. But in my profession a typical technology-dependent portfolio does not age too well. The creation of this site was triggered by reading a technical book from 1984 though.

This site kind of captures the engineer I (am) work to be. Although I do present a reasonable amount of detailed working implementations, I still tend to highlight analysis, concepts, big ideas and core techniques.

Back to the 1984 book, it is called Fundamentals of Operating Systems (Lister). On its third edition the author wrote he was happy the fundamentals were still the same as on the first edition (10 years earlier) – a golden metric I agree. He basically only felt the need to refer to the operating systems from that time, since “the operating systems from a decade ago faded on distant memory”.

Today we have well-established operating systems running on well-established ISAs, both much older than a decade. Almost 50 years after the 1st edition, the concepts remain. That is to say as an Engineering domain evolves as a discipline, some engineers on the industry can rely on concepts and technique to build repeatable success. I drive my career aiming to be one of them.

Antonio Giacomelli de Oliveira

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