I am an electrical engineer specialized on ASIC/FPGA Design and Software Engineering. After some years working in different fields of Electronics and Computer Engineering, I felt I was able to create a site to publish original content.

Actually, the main goal of this project is that I get to be a better engineer: I (re)learn to write, learn from writing plus I try to deliver the best. Therefore, besides my day-to-day work in the industry I still have the taste to research, and the boldness to try to teach something to other colleagues (or at least entertain them). And of course: to learn from them when I get feedback.

The initial idea was to publish only in Portuguese* given the lack of resources on this language. From now on, although some past publications are in Portuguese and will still be here, English is the language of choice.

* Google translator works “fine” if you are interested on texts that are in Portuguese.

I will be glad to hear from you:

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